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本文摘要:The prospect of astronauts tucking into a roast dinner has grown slightly closer after a successful experiment used a 三维 printer to create meat on the International Space Station.一项用以三维打印机在国际空间站制做肉类食品的试验成功后,航天员大不吃烤肉的理想间距搭建更为接近了一步。


The prospect of astronauts tucking into a roast dinner has grown slightly closer after a successful experiment used a 三维 printer to create meat on the International Space Station.一项用以三维打印机在国际空间站制做肉类食品的试验成功后,航天员大不吃烤肉的理想间距搭建更为接近了一步。The bioprinter produced beef, rabbit and fish tissue using magnetic fields in microgravity, a Russian medical technology company involved in the experiment said Wednesday.10月30日,参与试验的一家俄罗斯医疗技术企业答复,这款生物打印机运用微重力自然环境下的电磁场生产制造出拥有牛羊肉、兔肉和鱼类的机构。The experiment -- an international collaboration involving US, Russian and Israeli companies -- was carried out in September by cosmonaut Oleg Skripochka in the stations Russian segment using a 三维 printer developed in Moscow.2020年10月,航天员奥列格·斯克里波奇卡在国际空间站俄罗斯舱段用以巴黎产品研发的三维打印机大力开展了这一试验。该试验由英国、俄罗斯和非洲企业协作顺利完成。

The creators say it is the first to create a small amount of artificial meat in conditions of weightlessness.科学研究工作人员说道,它是初次在缓解压力标准下生产制造出有小量人造肉。Its one small nibble for man, one giant bite for mankind, said Yusef Khesuani of 三维 Bioprinting Solutions, the Russian laboratory that created the bioprinter.俄罗斯三维生物打印机解决方法试验室的奇塞夫·赫苏亚尼说道:“它是本人的一部分口,人们的一大口。

”该试验室月顺利完成这一实验的生物打印机生产商。The laboratory was founded by Invitro, a large Russian private medicine company.该试验室是由俄罗斯大中型私营企业药业公司Invitro宣布创立的。The Roscosmos space agency part-financed the experiment as of national importance.俄罗斯联邦政府航天部门也为此项具有国家级别必要性的实验支助了一部分资产。It was really a breakthrough both for Roscosmos and Russia as a whole, said Nikolai Burdeiny, executive director of the state space corporation, which includes Roscosmos.俄罗斯联邦政府航天部门隶属的俄罗斯我国航天公司的再次监事会主席尼古拉·布尔运算杰伊尼说道:“这对俄罗斯联邦政府航天部门和全部俄罗斯而言全是巨大的提升。

”For us it was the first experience of international scientific collaboration in space, Khesuani said, using cells provided by Israeli and US food-tech companies.赫苏亚尼说道:“对大家而言,它是初次在外太空大力开展国际性科学研究协作。”试验用的是非洲和英国食品科技企业获得的体细胞。Thank God the experiment went successfully ... All the cells showed a good result in space, he added.他还说道:“感激不尽,实验成功了……全部体细胞在外太空的实验結果都很好。”Astronauts eat meat on board that is vacuum-packed or dried on Earth but this technology could ultimately be necessary for long voyages into deep space, said veteran cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko.杰出航天员奥列格·科诺年科说道,航天员在外太空一般来说不要吃的是地球上真空包装袋或水解反应的肉类食品,但这一技术性最终有可能沦落去宇宙空间出航所务必的技术性。

If were going to fly further from Earth to other planets in the solar system, we cant take that volume of food with us, he told AFP.他对他说路透社说道:“假如我们要从地球上飞到太阳系行星中的别的大行星,我们无法携带那么多食材。”In any case we will have to grow and produce food onboard the spaceship.“不管怎样,大家都必不可少在宇宙飞船上种植和生产制造食材。”I think progress is developing very quickly, science and knowledge, and I think this will be within our lifetimes, he said.他说道:“我强调科学研究和科技知识进度很快,在此生大家能搭建这种总体目标。”Creating larger amounts of meat in the Russian segment will need more complex equipment than the current printer, said Khesuani.赫苏亚尼说道,在国际空间站俄罗斯舱段生产制造更为多肉类食品务必的机器设备比这台打印机更为简易。

Then we can create not just small objects but big ones, made of a large mass of cells.“接着大家不但能够生产制造一小块的肉,乃至能够生产制造出带由很多体细胞包括的块状肉。”I hope we will continue these experiments.“我期待这种实验能够以后进行下来。



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